Al Jarreau was a poetic singer with a touch of silk woven into his masterful delivery… I was privileged to spend time with him in Jay Graydon’s studio when we recorded “Imagination".

His gentle presence made it a joy to spend the long hours in the studio chasing greatness...

Bye for now, Al…
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Al Jarreau - Imagination Album: High CRiMe Released: 1984

1 month ago

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Andrew BennettRespect. ❤️1 month ago
James WileyTalented man :( <31 month ago
Mare DaycoLegends are never forgotten. ❤️🌹🎁 Beautiful tribute, Glen. 💙💜❤️ God Bless 🌹🌹🌹1 month ago
Roper Green🎶🎤👍1 month ago
Ted Hinson1 month ago   ·  1
Wendy Wagner WallGlen.... Still have a pair of spare musician plugs for u at the office!!!1 month ago
Patty Killelea-WillardLove his music1 month ago
Joe LahanThe great Glen Ballard!!! Pure class! Love your work1 month ago
Sal DurkinCould not agree more Glen...your brother and I used to binge on Al years ago when John lived in Baton Rouge. He will indeed Rest In Peace.1 month ago   ·  1
Judy Massey Carroll FloresGlen, you are so blessed to have worked with so many greats💙💙💙💙. Your tribute to the great Al J is beautiful💙💙1 month ago
Burt NoriegaFine words Glen..........."Chasing Greatness" that is what we do and when it is done it lives on even when we don't.1 month ago
Sharlotte Gibsonthank you, glen ;-}1 month ago

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Fantastic studio day with two of our favorites, Julia Harriman & Randy Kerber

3 months ago

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ᖽᐸᗅᙏᓮᒪ ᖇᘢᔙᖶᗩᙏ, Jane Schiele Petty and 7 others like this

Suzan MannHi Glen! Suzan (Kapner) Mann here wanting to hello after many years, eh? So happy to see all your dreams came true. Email me: I'd love to say hi. Suzan Mann1 month ago

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3 months ago

A masterpiece! Damien Chazelle's La La Land... BREATHTAKING!

Tickets on sale now:
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"This season’s most dazzling movie experience” – Joe McGovern, Entertainment Weekly “Soaring and gorgeous” – Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair “They don’t make fil...

4 months ago

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Michael Lynn HornsbyIt's definitely on my list!4 months ago   ·  2
Robert RigbyHi Glen ....remember me ? Robert Rigby we met when I was running Warners in Australia when you came down here with Alanis to promote Jagged Little Pill. ? I'd love to contact you. What is the best way ?4 months ago   ·  2
Robert RigbyI am at Sony Music Australia now....4 months ago   ·  2
Gershon WolfeCool.4 months ago   ·  1
Robert CombsYay! Jen got it in the mail last week! Ahhh, the perks of being Mr Ogden, husband of a Hollywood legend!!! 😁😁😁4 months ago   ·  5
Bucky MerrittVery nice.4 months ago
Josel Garlitos🌹🌹🌹4 months ago
Valerie Rose GiannottiGlen Ballard I have written so many songs that you would totally love like this movie!!! Let's get in touch and make a soundtrack that will resurrect old musicals.4 months ago
Marlin OuversonCan't wait!4 months ago
Laura Marie MarleyGreat to hear from you, Glen!4 months ago
Donna Schepers-ErnstHi Glen, from Natchez MS!!!4 months ago   ·  2
Judy Massey Carroll FloresCan't wait!!!4 months ago
Chellie CampbellHey, Glen! Hi from all the Campbell clan. Hope you are well and happy! Have a very Merry Christmas. 💖💖💖4 months ago   ·  1
Alayne DaviesCan't wait :-)4 months ago
Babs Comer PriceWow! Can't wait to see it!4 months ago
Sal DurkinOn the top of my "must see" list for the season. Thanks for sharing...hope to see you over the holidays!4 months ago
Wendy Wagner WallGlenn...u still have your musician plugs? Don't forget... I have an extra pair at the office when u need them!4 months ago   ·  1
Nataraj Herbie TribinoGreat trailer , can't wait to c it !4 months ago
Isabella CameronLooks great and amazing I want to watch it!4 months ago   ·  1
Mare Dayco❤️💋😇🌲❤️⭐️ Merry Christmastime Glen! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you 4 sharing! I'm so gonna watch this! ❤️👏Thank u 4 ur music, ur inspiration, & 4 being a blessing 2 me as an artist & to the whole world! This movie looks dope! God Bless! 👑😇❤️🌲😘💜❤️💕⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4 months ago

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